WHOLESALE , the Right Way


VHD, was started in the early 2000s. Unlike Asian suppliers, we know the product because we wear the product. This has lead us to be superior in quality, shipping, customer care, and product development.

We offer a variety of steam textures and raw textures that your clients will love. We pride ourselves on quality and affordable pricing.

Our most popular wholesale membership, was our $999 Starter Kit. We just added an upgrade to this membership that includes a 3 month business credit bootcamp. After seeing where our wholesalers were struggling, we decided to offer this in depth hands on business credit boot camp to teach you how to set up a real business, build your business credit, and secure funding that will help you stay in business and manage your inventory and expenses.

The Business Credit Bootcamp will cover:

-Brand Identity/ Setting Up Your Company Correctly

-Business Credit Bureaus

-Target Audience

-Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3

-Using Your Business Credit vs Personal Credit

-Monthly Meetings with Detailed Instructions ( These meetings will tell your when to apply and what to apply for to ensure our end goals)

-Vendors for Commercial Credit

-Applying for Commercial Credit and When

-Goal Setting

-Credit Tracking